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hathaway bridge

Keeping the Hathaway Bridge Healthy

FDOT conducts the bridge inspection once every couple of years.

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lowry bridge

Inspecting the Lowry Bridge -- from the Wet Side

The bi-annual inspection of the Lowry Avenue bridge in Minneapolis continued Friday with the help of a unique tool -- a 34-foot, 19,000-pound pontoon boat. The boat was trucked in from Pennsylvania to assist with inspection efforts.

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three pine creek

Three Pine Creek Rail-Trail Bridges Being Inspected

Bridge safety inspections were conducted on the three Pine Creek Rail-Trail bridges at Torbert Village, Ramsey and Waterville. Workers from two contracted companies in central Pennsylvania are involved: C.C. Johnson and Malhotra, P.C., Engineering Infrastructure Solutions, out of Camp Hill, and Harcon Bridge Access Services, from Paradise.

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Rehabilitation of Pennington Avenue Drawbridge, Baltimore City

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Spoiled for choice

Owners and engineers have more choices than ever when it comes to carrying out detailed examinations of bridges, taking measurements, looking inside the structure and monitoring its health.

Read about Harcon on page 15-16 of this article from the Asset Management Supplement.

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local ewh

Crews from Harcon Corp. use a bucket boat to inspect a bridge along Route 970/Woodland/Shawville Highway near the Gen-On power plant

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Harcon donates a bucket boat to save peregrine falcons nesting on the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge

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hands on

York bridge gets a hands-on inspection

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bridge inspection access

Bridge Inspection Access to Minimize Operational Impacts

See Harcon feature on page 35 of this presentation/paper from 2011 AREMA conference.

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Hennepin County Bridge Unit Inspects for Safety

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