Bridge Analysis & Maintenance

Bucket Boats

Harcon's Bucket Boat may be the most innovative and useful machine we've built to date. She has a two-man, 440 lb. capacity basket, with a 66 ft. working height. Equipped with a hydraulic bow thruster, hydraulic spud, hydraulic anchor, an onboard air compressor, and a complement of air tools, our Bucket Boat makes inspecting and repairing lower level water crossings simple and efficient.

NBIS (National Bridge Inspection Standards)

Bridge Trackers

Harcon's Bridge Trackers are the most aggressive extreme terrain bridge inspection machines in the world. They can operate in water depths exceeding eight ft., climb 45-degree slopes, traverse 25-degree side slopes, and navigate wet and muddy terrain that would bury most machines. They are the ultimate machines for evaluating bridge structures.

Bridge Analysis, Maintenance & Ratings - NBIS Compliant

If you're a bridge design consultant, bridge inspector, bridge manager or County engineer, you know the nation's bridge condition ratings are at an all-time low. Proper bridge maintenance and inspections have never been more important, especially considering the average age of our nation's bridges is 42 years. To bring bridge ratings up, extensive repairs will need to be completed in the coming years in accordance with the NBIS (National Bridge Inspection Standards).

At Harcon Corporation, we're here to make your job just a little easier - providing you with the tools you need to properly evaluate bridge structure and ensure public safety. Today bridge analysis and design methods are much simpler than they used to be. Our bridge inspection equipment is second to none, allowing you to get "hands on" on just about any bridge you can name. We can give you the tools you need to do your job safely, efficiently and in complete compliance with National Bridge Inspection Standards. We'll save you time, aggravation and money and best of all, we'll help you sleep better at night.

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