Bridge tracker in action

Bridge Trackers

Harcon’s Bridge Trackers are the most aggressive extreme terrain bridge inspection machines in the world. Harcon has four Bridge Trackers: T-63, T-44, T-40, and HRT40 (the numbers correspond to their working heights). They can operate in water depths varying from seven to nine feet. All can climb slopes in excess of 35 degrees, traverse 25 degree slopes, and navigate wet and muddy terrain that would bury most off-road machines. Their rubber tracks eliminate damage to paved areas. Railroad tracks are a piece of cake. All our Trackers have onboard compressors and pneumatic tools for bridge cleaning.

The two smaller units weigh in at around 9 tons; HRT40 is approximately 13 tons; and T-63 weighs 20 tons.


  • T40
  • T44
  • T63
  • HRT40

T40 Tracker Specifications

Working Height: 40′
Width: 7’ 6”
Weight: 17,760 lbs.
Lateral Reach: 27’ 9”
Bucket Rating: 400 lbs.
Maximum Water Depth: 7′
Slope Capability: 35°+


T44 Tracker Specifications

Working Height: 44′
Lateral Reach: 27′ 9″
Slope Capability: 35°+
Bucket Rating: 400 lb.
Width: 7′ 6″
Weight: 17,760 lb.
Maximum Water Depth: 7′
Installed grounding and bonding equipment has been inspected and certified by Amtrak for use on their lines.


T63 Tracker Specifications

Working Height: 63′
Lateral Reach: 34′
Slope Capability: 35°+
Bucket Rating: 600 lb.
Width: 9′ 6″
Weight: 40,780 lb.
Maximum Water Depth: 9′


High Rail Tracker 40 Specifications

Working Height: 40′
Lateral Reach: 27′ 9″
Slope Capability: 35°+
Bucket Rating: 400 lb.
Width: 8′ 5.5″
Weight: 25,890 lb.
Maximum Water Depth: 7′
High rail equipment has been inspected and certified by Amtrak.
Installed grounding and bonding equipment has been inspected and certified by Amtrak for use on their lines.

Bridge Tracker Advantages


The Bridge Tracker has been stability tested and certified. We’ve had hydraulic studies done to test the effects of water current at various depths. Few streams are too swift for the Tracker.


From the time we reach the worksite, we can usually have the Bridge Tracker unloaded and under the bridge in less than fifteen minutes. Unless the topography is extremely challenging, repositioning the machine for each “set” takes no time at all.

Environmental Issues Are Rare

We use a biodegradable, non-toxic, non-polluting, vegetable-based hydraulic oil in all our machines that enter waterways, which eliminates environmental concerns associated with carbon-based oils. We work closely with local, state, and federal agencies to ensure we’re not violating any environmental regulations or endangering spawning fish or protected species. Unless we’re working in water with special regulations, we are not prohibited from fording most streams during the course of an inspection.

What is HRT40 and what is its unique advantage?

HRT40 is a rubber tracked high rail bucket truck with a 40 ft. working height. Its advantage over a Snooper™ is that we can remove HRT40 from the tracks and perform work from underneath the structure while the tracks are “live.”

Why is there a scissor lift under the cab?

The lift allows the tracker to work in water depths up to 8 ft., giving us access to a bridge from underneath. This reduces foul time.

What about ballast disturbance?

Ballast disturbance is minimal. Our Trackers exert ground pressure below 3.2 psi, which is less than your footprint. Also, we train our operators to “tread softly” by turning gradually or not at all on ballast. Finally, in the event we do disturb some ballast, we carry hand tools to “mend” the damage.

How do I know if a Harcon Bridge Tracker is suitable for our project?

Harcon will preview your structure in advance. We’ve worked in 28 states to date, so if you’ve got a structure on which foul time is problematic, don’t hesitate to call us.