Bridge Inspection Equipment

Harcon provides three types of bridge inspection equipment, all designed for safer access, reduced costs and faster inspections.

Bridge Inspection Equipment

Bridge Trackers

The Ultimate Bridge Inspection Truck

Our land-based Bridge Tracker is the most aggressive extreme terrain bucket truck in the world. Better than a standard SnooperTM truck, this bridge inspection truck can climb slopes in excess of 45 degrees and operate in water depths up to nine feet. Outfitted with rubber tracks, the Bridge Tracker is perfect for railroad applications and won't damage the rails. The low ground pressure of this innovative bridge inspection truck minimizes impact in soft soils or ballast too. Wet and muddy terrain is no match for the Bridge Tracker.

Better Than A Snooper Truck

Bucket Boats

When a standard SnooperTM truck just won't do, our Bucket Boats are the perfect solution. Our patented water-based Bucket Boats are changing the way America inspects bridges. With working heights up to 66 ft, shallow water capability of less than a foot, and a stabilization system of outrigger pontoons and sea anchors, our Bucket Boats have become the most popular piece of bridge inspection equipment to date.

Bridge Inspection Truck


Our structure-based access includes vertical and horizontal rigging systems. We offer rolling scaffold systems on tensioned catenary cables for floor system inspections, and swing stages and SpidersTM for vertical access on piers, towers, dams, and tall buildings.