arch bridge

Other Boats

For lower level structures, and on structures where launching a Bucket Boat is impractical, Harcon provides several other marine access options.

Pontoon Boats

Harcon offers a pair of pontoon boats with adjustable scaffolding, both approved and stamped by a professional engineer. For structures with freeboard up to 18 ft, we offer a large pontoon boat with adjustable height Biljax scaffolding. On low-level structures where no ramps are available, we offer a small pontoon boat with Biljax scaffolding. Our small pontoon boat can be launched or skidded down banks and retrieved with a cable winch.

For one bridge, or for a string of them along a waterway, these boats are an extremely efficient way to inspect bridges. Except for structures with difficult launch sites, only one man is required to operate them. No lane closures are required.

Safety Boats

Harcon Corp. also offers several power safety boats, the smallest of which can be hand-carried and launched.